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We need your help to build awareness and solid representation for nurses and nursing students.

Nursing TV popularly known as Nursing media network is an organization that has launched a full scale, orchestrated social media campaign designed to build awareness and solid representation for the nursing community.

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We’ve had an incredible response so far, and are doing everything we can to respond to everyone who wants to volunteer in one of our media programmes.

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We are uniting our resources around this challenge, and we are combining our resources and asks to make it easy for people to support their communities.

Happenings around the World.

Aggressive man yelling at nurse in clinic

Managing aggressive client

These techniques are not limited to handling aggressive client, they are especially useful when applied to dealing with an aggressive client or an unhappy client, Violence and abuse should not simply be accepted.

a fearful woman having claustrophobia in a cardboard box

Phobias you won’t believe exist

Anemophobia: Fear of wind, also known as ancraophobia. This phobia might be as a result of unpleasant past experiences with the wind , people with this fear might miss out on normal things like taking a stroll.Haphephobia: Fear of being touched by another person. This phobia is quite rare but unfortunately for its victims, it


“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

Norton Juster