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Families are concerned about nursing students who have been imprisoned on suspicion of having ties to the military.

A 21-year-old and 25-year-old have been in junta custody for more than one month since they were arrested while picking up medical supplies to treat displaced villagers

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10 Things i wISH I KNEW Before Attending a Visa Interview

To attend a visa interview, there is always an unresolved fear you must conquer – the fear of not fumbling at the interview venue. It is at this stage or juncture, most people crumble. To conquer this fear, you have to get yourself fully prepared ahead, knowing the right thing to do and even the likely questions you are going

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How I did it ‘As an obese A&E nurse, I was terrified of Covid – so I took medication and lost almost six stone’

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  Corinne Pownall-Smith 41 is an NHS nurse working in A&E. She lives in Prescott, Liverpool with her two children Millie, 13 and Poppy, eight This time two years ago, I was size 20. I felt so fat and unfit. I was prioritising the children and the house and doing a lot of overtime. I was sleep-deprived from my shift

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Unification Process Paints Superiority-NUNSA OAU, PRESIDENT.

There is a whole lot of benefits that would come with the unification if it can be sanely achieved and at the appropriate time. I will just state a few important ones.
One is the power of population. Nursing students body will become one of the largest student bodies in Nigeria. With this, we can easily lay a demand on some things pertaining to pressing issues in Nursing and get answers.
With one voice after unification, we can birth a lot of desired changes in the Nursing profession in Nigeria.
Our National body will become very powerful and can leverage on the population of students to get their goals met.

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