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Trapped and destitute: Overseas nurses ‘trapped’ in UK contracts with over exorbitant exit fees

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When Laura Sanchez one of an overseas nurses was offered a job as a NHS nurse, it sounded like a lifetime opportunity. At her home in the Philippines, she saw Facebook-like ads on the site today that promised “an attractive relocation package” and invited her to “Start your UK dream!” The most extreme contracts tied nurses into their roles for

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Male nurses earn $5,000 more per year than female nurses, according to a study.

The reality is – there is a VERY large disparity in salaries for nurses not only based on location, experience, and specialty but also on gender. In 2021, it’s baffling to think that gender would play a role in determining a salary; however, the sad truth is it does. And according to our findings, it matters more than it should.

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