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Medical Justice: Doctor William Husel vs Nurse Radonda Vaught

William Husel vs Vaught

William Husel Scott is an American physician who was charged with murdering 14 patients using painkillers. He was later acquitted on all charges. He was accused of murdering 14 people from February 11, 2015, to November 20, 2018, by fentanyl overdosage at the Mount Carmel West and St. Ann’s Hospitals in Columbus, Ohio, cleared of all charges on 20 April,

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Latest on Singapore Nurses Association, SNA

Singapore Nurses Association

Vision of Singapore Nurses Association Nursing will be an autonomous and united profession, recognised and valued for its leadership in providing quality care and as a key player in influencing policy and decision. Mission of Singapore Nurses Association To raise the profile of nursing in Singapore, facilitate and support the contributions of nurses to improve and enhance the health of

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Saskatchewan nurse challenges college’s ruling over professional misconduct

A nurse, whose professional oversight body found she violated professional conduct by falsifying logs of narcotics given to inmates and by providing toiletries to inmates, is appealing the decisions. Jessica McCulloch said the decisions from the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CRNS) were unfair and forced her to relive trauma. Last year, the CRNS ruled McCulloch committed five counts

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Nursing TV Scholarship, Successful Candidates 2022

LIST OF SELECTED CANDIDATES NAME INSTITUTION ACC. NO Bassey Central School of Nursing 238*****59 Praisehim School of Nursing, Ado EKITI 314*****19 Awievie University of Port Harcourt 312*****43 Success Ladoke Akintola, University of Technology 210*****64 Abdullahi Bayero University, Kano 000*****79 Adeshola Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma 310*****67 Tafu ECWA college of Nursing and Midwifery 213*****88 Uzochukwu Novena University, Ogume 113*****34 Namadi Amadu

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Phobias you won’t believe exist : 15 weird phobias in the world.

a fearful woman having claustrophobia in a cardboard box

Anemophobia: Fear of wind, also known as ancraophobia. This fear might be as a result of unpleasant past experiences with the wind , people with this fear might miss out on normal things like taking a stroll.Haphephobia: Fear of being touched by another person. Haphephbia is quite rare but unfortunately for its victims, it exists. But some people are just

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Soul Saving Self-Defense Techniques for Nurses

pexels photo 7045481

Victor Lyalko, the acknowledged martial arts master, wrote a book where he described the most effective methods of self-defense to help women if they are attacked. 1. For starters, memorize the vulnerable places. It doesn’t matter how big or heavy your attacker is because you can beat anyone if you know where the most vulnerable spots are. The main ones

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National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives

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The union was founded on 8 December 1977, when the Government of Nigeria merged the Nigerian Nurses’ Association with the Nigerian Association of Nurse Anaesthetists. The Professional Association of Trained Nurses of Nigeria, Professional Association of Midwives of Nigeria, Professional Association of Public Health Nurses, Psychiatric Nurses Association and Industrial Nurses Association also joined the new union. The union affiliated to the Nigeria

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