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William Husel timeline: How 25 counts, evidences, over 59 witnesses was dismissed


He further argued that William Husel late-night shift gave him a cover to order excessive amounts of fentanyl. Nurses under Dr. Husel, Zeyen said, were “enthralled” to be working with someone like him, who completed a residency at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. During the defense’s closing argument.

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Medical Justice: Doctor William Husel vs Nurse Radonda Vaught

William Husel vs Vaught

William Husel Scott is an American physician who was charged with murdering 14 patients using painkillers. He was later acquitted on all charges. He was accused of murdering 14 people from February 11, 2015, to November 20, 2018, by fentanyl overdosage at the Mount Carmel West and St. Ann’s Hospitals in Columbus, Ohio, cleared of all charges on 20 April,

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