Nursing Board for Brunei

Nursing Board for Brunei or the Board is a Regulatory Body established under the Nurses Registration Act as stipulated in the Laws of Brunei that governs and regulate the practice of nursing in Brunei Darussalam. The Board came into force in 1988.

Establishment & Constitution of the Nursing Board for Brunei

The Board is empowered by the Laws of Brunei Darussalam which can be accessed and downloaded from the Attorney General’s Chambers, Brunei Darussalam website at

  • ‘Nurses Registration’ Chapter 140, cited as Nurses Registration Act 1961.



Job Opportunities

Note: Nursing Board for Brunei (NBB) does not accept direct application for registration with the NBB from individual applicant from other countries intending to seek employment as a nurse / midwife in Brunei Darussalam. Hopeful job seekers are advised to send their application for nursing / midwifery post directly to their prospective employer. Each prospective employer will then submit documents from short listed potential applicants to NBB for Assessment of Registration Eligibility (ARE) before the applicant is offered the job.

If the applicant accepted the job offered and is employed in Brunei Darussalam, he/she is then required to come to the Board office for registration purposes.





In exercising the power conferred under the provisions of Nurses Registration Act, Chapter 140, Nursing Board for Brunei has recently enforced the Nurses Registration Regulations, 2014, specifically regulation 6, 8 and 16, for the issuances of a Certificate of Registration (COR), Badge and Practising Certificate (PC – with 1 year validity) along with its prescribed payments.

This new registration process applies to all nurses working in the public /private sector, or those who are performing other key nursing roles in Brunei Darussalam. These include nurses who have been registered with the Board before January 2016. This regulation is directed to nurses (not midwives) who are currently employed and practicing in this country. This new registration process will assist the Board in updating and upgrading the Board’s National Register (section 3, Nurses Registration Act) of every registered nurse in this country totaling at approximately 3000 nurses to date.

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Beginning January 2016, the Board has begun implementing the new registration process to selective registered nurses in phases for the issuances of the above. To ensure systematic & effective implementation of this regulation, the Board will liaise with the management team from each healthcare organization / education institution. Nurses will be informed by their respective manager prior to being called in for registration.

On the appointed registration day, every nurses are advised to be present at the Board’s office, wearing respective uniform (wherever applicable) for a photograph of the nurse to be taken for insertion in the COR and PC. The prescribed payments according to regulation 16 are as follows:

Nurses Registration Regulations, 2014



Nurses are expected to pay the prescribed fees under the provisions of Nurses Registration

Regulations, 2014, to be registered with the Board and any other matters to which they relate. 

1Registration fee (inclusive of administrative fees $25, Certificate of Registration (COR) $25 and badge $25)$75
2Practising Certificate (PC)$25 per year
3Fee for late renewal of practicing certificate :30 day or more  $10
60 day or more $12 & $2 for every subsequesnt dayduring which thedefault continues
5Replacement of Certificate of Registration$25
6Replacement of Practising Certificate$25
7Replacement Badge$25
8Certificate of Registration for purposes of registration outside BruneiDarussalam$20
9Letter of Good Standing$50


  • New registration application FORM to be completed.
  • Other required SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS to be submitted.
  • No. 1 & 2 is for the new registration process to be paid to the Board.
  • Do wear RESPECTIVE UNIFORM (wherever applicable) for photo taking.
  • Please bring EXACT AMOUNT for the payment.
  • Payment time is between 8 -11 am only during working days.
  • You will be called again within 14 working days for the collection of COR and Badge.

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