Press Release on Tulsa Campus Hospital Shootings

Nursing Media Network condemns the shooting which lead to the death of two Nurses and a Doctor.

Tulsa campus hospital shooting

Today our hearts are broken and we grieve for the victims of the horrific act of terror and gun violence in Tulsa and for their families and friends.  The Nursing Media Network, Nursing TV commiserate with nurses and all those who knew and lost love ones. 
We commend the Tulsa police department for responding quickly to the incident, we know Law enforcement is proceeding with its investigations, but we use this moment to call for a more concrete solution to rising violence and weakened security system that is against nurses, we use the medium to ask that all hospitals be declare a NO GUN ZONE to restore the confidence that such won’t repeat itself. Once again we send our dear and deepest condolences to all that were affected.  

Nursing TV

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