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4 Arizona Nurses With $45000, Now In Poland To Help Ukrainians

Four Arizona nurses are headed out on March 6, to help Ukrainians who are escaping to Poland as Russia continues its violent invasion of the country.

As war rages in Ukraine, nurses in Phoenix are working to gather supplies for those families fleeing the country.
“We thought, ‘What can we do to help?’ Maybe we can gather supplies, medications,” said Janet Semenova.

Within 72 hours, they got thousands of medications, bandages, and other healthcare supplies – along with $45,000 in donations.

Semenova, along with three other nurses, will be flying to Poland to deliver them.

4 Arizona Nurses With $45000, Now In Poland To Help Ukrainians
4 Arizona Nurses With $45000, Now In Poland To Help Ukrainians

“It’s just been an unbelievably humbling experience. I think once we get there we’re gonna know more, and we don’t really know what we’re gonna get ourselves into because the situation is just changing by the hour,” she said, adding, knows what it’s like to be a refugee.


Indian student, 4th year Medical student in Ukraine, killed in Kharkiv

She and her family fled the former Soviet Union when she was just 7 years old.

“So I think seeing this unfold in Europe … I travel to Europe several times a year. These towns – to see them destroyed and the civilians in a matter of a week and a half is just almost unfathomable,” Semenova said.

She’s asking those in the states to do their part to help those suffering from this war.

“Whether it’s donating to reputable donations, volunteering to pack items sent overseas, even if you have $5 to $10,” she said. “This is gonna be the largest refugee crisis since World War II, so the need is immense.”

That need is just getting greater.

Nursing TV will be keeping in touch with Semenova and her fellow nurses as they travel through Poland. She says one of the nurses going with her has family over in Ukraine so this war really hits home
for them.

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