Nursing tv scholarship 2022


The Innovation and criticism board in conjunction with the Editorial board, is announcing the hosting of the second Annual scholarship program by Nursing TV, the scholarship program is being sponsored by the forum of shared governance and the Inspirational Nurse, Donna Wilk Cardillo.

The application will run from February 20, 2022 to March 10, 2022, successful candidates will be notified on March 13, 2022 and will be posted on our website.

Criteria for eligibility,

Prospective candidate:

  1. Must be studying nursing in Nigeria.
  2. Must have a registered/verified account with Nursing TV.
  3. Must not be a board member of Nursing TV.

Application Process for Nursing TV Scholarship

Forum for shared governance
Official Sponsor
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Nursing TV Scholarship Successful Candidates

Nursing TV Scholarship 2021
Nursing TV Scholarship 2021

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39 thoughts on “NURSING TV SCHOLARSHIP 2022”

  1. Chinedu Treasure

    This scholarship will encourage student who have given up because of financial problem, to continue. This is just like hope to the hopeless scheme.

    1. Folaranmi Aderonke Florence

      Yes! It will motivate and keep us moving forward. We really acknowledged these, Thanks.

  2. This scholarship will go a long way, considering the situation of the country at the moment. Thank you to the organizers for putting this up.

  3. This scholarship scheme is just the best and right thing ever happening to nursing student!!!!! It will be of great importance to students and even parents.. more wisdom to the founders of this program

  4. Abdulrazaq sani

    This is fantastic,I hoped it will provide positive impact on the live of the nursing students

  5. Loveth Chinonyerem

    A big thank you to all the Coordinators of this Scholarship. It will really impact positively in Nursing students’ lives,as the cost of studying in Nigeria keeps escalating drastically everyday. I pray and have faith that I will get this scholarship. It will really help me focus more on my studies, rather than being worried sick at all times on how to pay my tuition fees.

  6. Birabil divine kilsi

    These scholarship will help thousands of people out there who are willing to go into the nursing profession but the fund is not there.
    It will also help give hope to other who are sponsoring themselves.

  7. Blessing Aniekan Udokpoh

    This scholarship program will go a long way in helping the student nurses achieve their dreams. A big thank you to the sponsors and coordinators of this wonderful scheme. May God continue to bless you!

  8. Shepnaan Edwin Hyginus

    This scholarship will go along way to help some of us student nurses that are facing financial difficulties in the course of our studies.It is a welcomed development.God bless you

  9. Ogbodo Jane Odinakachukwu

    This scholarship will go a long way to encourage nursing student especially those who are at the verge of dropping out of school because of financial constrain,thanks to the organizers of the scholarship

  10. Khadeeja Ukashat

    It was so gladdening to see this advert. Most times, I see advert for scholarships and I just don’t bother to check because I wouldn’t stand a chance to even apply. More power to your elbow.

  11. As a student that once had to give up an admission opportunity because of financial constraint, i know how it feels. this scholarship will help students in similar circumstances and in other ways. Kudos to the organizers for this opportunity. God bless you all

  12. This is a really good idea, it will help some nursing students who are financial disabled to continue their journey in the profession

  13. Omenka Miracle Ajigo

    This scholarship and support funds will be a great aid for nursing students Nigeria, considering the current situation of the country.


    This came as a miracle to me
    I hope to me a beneficiary
    Thanks to God for the organizers and may your pockets be enriched even more.

  15. This is a very good initiative and it will go a long way in alleviating students financial challenges considering the economy where in in this our country Nigeria. The Lord bless the initiator of this. I pray it come to fruition.

  16. Victor Christopher Ema-Abasi

    The scholarship grand will assist student in easing off some financial constraints and in purchasing materials which will aid learning.

  17. Mainasara Emmanuel

    This is very supportive and will be generally helpful in promoting Nursing in Nigeria

  18. Habiba Ibrahim

    This is really helpful and indeed it will help nursing students in dealing with financial problems.

  19. Ikade Martina

    This scholarship will go a long way in helping financially and it’s a big encouragement to us who have lost hope because of financial instability. I’ll be glad if I benefit from it.♥️

  20. I just have to come back and leave some comments here cos this is a great job from those ahead of us they are paving the way for up coming nurses in Nigeria. This scholarship is like a light in a tunnel right now.

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