Phobias you won’t believe exist

a fearful woman having claustrophobia in a cardboard box

Anemophobia: Fear of wind, also known as ancraophobia. This phobia might be as a result of unpleasant past experiences with the wind , people with this fear might miss out on normal things like taking a stroll.
Haphephobia: Fear of being touched by another person. This phobia is quite rare but unfortunately for its victims, it exists. But some people are just scared of being touched by other genders.
Bibliophobia: Fear of books. This can also be defined as the fear of reading out loud or reading at large, though some people are only scared of reading only some types of books and not all books.

fear of books
Photo of a stack of books

Catoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors or reflective surfaces. This happens when the image you see in the mirror is not appealing not you’ll rather to look into a mirror at all
Consecotaleophobia: Fear of chopsticks. This phobia is closely related to the fear of Japanese or Chinese culture, victims often find themselves very uneasy around chopsticks or when the thought of chopsticks pop in their heads.
Erythrophobia : Fear of red objects or blushing. Red is a common sign of danger or embarrassment hence the development of this phobia. People with this fear might also be scared of blood.
Gamophobia: Fear of marriage or commitment. Victims of this phobia are irrationally anxious at the thought of commitment or marriage. Some people even experience devastating emotions at the sight of couples.
Hypedrichophobia: Fear of growing excessive amount of hair

Levophobia: Fear of things being on the left side of your body. People with this phobia are extremely anxious at the thought of something on their left side.
Panophobia: Fear of everything. This is an irrational fear that has no logical trigger, people suffering from this phobia know that their fear does not make any sense.
Phobophobia: Fear of acquiring a phobia.
Phonophobia: Fear of loud sounds. This is not a hearing disorder, people suffering from this phobia would just rather not be in a loud enviroment.
Plutophobia: Fear of wealth. people suffering from this phobia would rather not have any money probably because of the fear of losing it.
Sesquipedalophobia: Fear of long word. This phobia seems ironic because the name itself is quite long. people with this fear would rather to read anything in public because of the fear of seeing a long word.
Triskaidekaphobia : Fear of the number 13. This is probably because the number 13 is commonly associated with bad luck. This fear is mainly based on a superstition.


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