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Nursing a Noble Profession.

It always gladden my heart with joy and happiness, brightening my day and I have confidence in the future whenever I see a young person fully dressed in nursing uniform and working productively to meet the demand of patients rushing to the health facility.


Most a times in Nigeria patients seek medical assistance after trying several means of method to escape the ill of health, after all solutions have failed, they find themselves, coming to the hospital fully believing, that their problem will be solved within a blink of an eye.

Nurses work amidst of challenges ranging from:

  1. shortage of manpower
  2. harsh climate
  3. pressure for senior staffs
  4. pressure from patient relatives and the society.

With all these problems the still meet the demand of the patient and solve this his/her Problem.

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Nurses are accommodating, nursing is a great profession that withstand many pressure and for sure all nurses will withstand the trial of the moment such as Lassa fever, corona virus, kidnappings and banditry. To all those that have answered the call of nature, died during practice may you all rest in perfect peace.

Two Nurses
Two nurses

Omar M. Tilde (RN, RPN, BNSc in View)

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