Nurses on the Move: The International Nurse Market

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In A book examining international nurse migration, Mireille Kingma investigates the migration of nurses – one of the most important trends in healthcare delivery, in Nurses on the Move: Migration and the Global Health Care Economy (New York, Cornell University Press).

The author demonstrates that nurse migration is a multi-faceted and intricate social phenomenon which can have both positive and negative benefits for international nurses.

Many reasons why nurses migrate are identified, including:

  • Secure a better income
  • Professional development
  • Attain additional skills and education
  • Meet family responsibilities such as providing for children
  • To achieve a better quality of life
  • To enjoy the enrichment of becoming a member of a transnational community.

The author covers a wide range of issues including globalisation, the difficulties encountered by nurses and regulatory bodies in assessing the qualifications of overseas nurses, and ethical issues relating to the recruitment of nurses from developing countries.

The complexity of the international rules and regulations now being constructed to facilitate the lucrative trade in human services is highlighted. The author presents a new way to think about the migration of a skilled health workforce as well as the strategies needed to make migration work for individuals, patients and the health systems on which they depend.

The Final Journey by Sheila Byrne
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Sheila Byrne, having been diagnosed with cancer in March 2003, died almost exactly a year later. What Sheila wanted was ‘a good spell’ before her final journey and this she received, with much love, empathy and support from her family, friends and colleagues.
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About the book

Solutions to the problems of nurse migration are illustrated including fair and respectful treatment of nurses, adequate staffing levels, the introduction of family re-unification policies, integration strategies, family-friendly employment practices, valuing nurses, and standardisation of data collection.

This comprehensive review and analysis of nurse migration provides an amalgamation of numerous reports and publications. I contains some fascinating interviews with nurses and an analysis of nurse migration in the larger context of the global workforce.

This book will not only be useful to the nursing and midwifery profession but other professionals such as managers, allied health professionals, policy makers and those interested in the dynamics of globalisation and the impact on health delivery at all levels.

Mireille Kingma (2006) Nurses on the Move: Migration and the Global Health Care Economy.
New York, Cornell University Press
(ISBN – 13: 978-0-8014-7259-6)

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