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Top countries with highest nursing pay and visa requirements.

Visa requirements for working abroad

All nations recorded below require work visas in arrange to legitimately be utilized within the nation. These visas cannot be gotten without

  • sponsorship from the hospital, 
  • a verifiable employment offer, 
  • and credentialing from the countries board of nursing. 

Working with an International Nursing Travel Agency can offer assistance encourage this and do most of the legwork. Usually vital to getting to be effective, as most nations do deny non-EU applications the primary time. By utilizing an Agency that’s recognizable with worldwide nursing law, the chances of success are higher. Moreover, they can encourage discussions with the nations and talk about ways to get licensure in a faster fashion.

Below are some of the top countries around the world for nurses to work. All average salaries listed are in USD.


Luxembourg – $60,000 to $125,000

Currently topping the list as the most highest paid nation in the world for nurses, this modest nation in Western Europe pays their nurses exceptionally well. Because of the little size of the nation and its tax haven laws, getting a work as a nurse is greatly difficult. Whereas nearly impossible, nurses can wait for a long time for an opening to occur.


In order to become a nurse in Luxembourg, you must first appeal the Ministère de la Santé (Ministry of Health) for an application pack which costs generally $150. Nurses are either authorized as grown-up nurses only or under a general framework. This can be critical depending on the specialty of the nursing position. A visa is required to work in Luxembourg.

Australia – $56,000 (USD)

Australia has gotten to be a key goal for those fascinated by traveling and working overseas. A expansive request is the national dialect is English and there’s no dialect boundary. There are various universal organizations that work with clinics in Australia. In order to work in Australia, nonnatives are required to apply for a visa. Most international nurses work with a nursing organization that’s familiar with the laws of worldwide travel. It is rare to apply for a work and take on the needed paperwork by oneself. Keep in mind, getting a visa must go through the right channels and can take weeks to months. Becoming an international nurse requires more planning than traveling within the United States.

Canada – $51,000

The College of Nurses of Ontario is the administering board for Enrolled Nurses in Canada. Worldwide candidates must secure a permit from the board after a arrangement of background checks, interview questions, and an examination. This examination costs a minimum of $340. The cost can change based off of individual components. According to the site, the enlistment process can take anyplace from 3-18 months. The application can be started online with a submission of documentation.

Italy – $59,594

Italy, just like the United States, currently has a shortage of nurses. In order to work in a nation where English isn’t the primary dialect, most nursing licensure boards requiring a dialect proficiency examination as portion of the credentialing process. In Italy, nurses are required to take the Italian Nursing boards, a dialect proficiency examination, and must be supported by an Italian clinic to gain the nursing license. Once, this happens a visa must be gotten to work in Italy by means of the Italian Embassy.

Additional information can be found through the Collegio Infermieri La Spezia. The website is entirely in Italian but can be translated and has a great deal of information about working as a nurse in Italy.

Ireland – $64,000

Nurses who wish to practice in Ireland must be enlisted with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). The Board stresses to nurses to NOT move to Ireland, until a choice with respect to credentialing has been finalized. It is also critical not to apply for a work position or ask about a position before getting certification from the Board. In order to qualify, interested candidates must complete an online data packet, background check, fingerprinting, and English proficiency examination. This is required whether or not you’re a local English speaker. A few people are required to complete an examination but that’s eventually decided by the board. In order to work in Ireland, an employment visa is a necessity.


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