Trending: FBI arrests top Nigerian Doctor, Patrick Nwaokwu for training quacks as nurses in USA

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has nabbed Nigerian medical doctor, Patrick Nwaokwu, for his involvement in multimillion-dollar healthcare fraud.

fbi arrests nigerian doctor patrick nwaokwu for multimillion dollar fraud
FBI officials escorting a suspect

Mr Nwaokwu, 50, was arrested on July 9, barely 24 hours after the U.S. issued a warrant of arrest on July 8.

The medical doctor alongside his associates, Musa Bangura and Johanah Napoleon face charges for “conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud; conspiracy to commit false statements relating to health care matters, and false statements relating to health care matters,” court documents seen by Peoples Gazette read.

The trio was accused of selling fraudulent transcripts and diplomas, listing courses which unqualified individuals purportedly took as well as their grades. The nurses were subsequently employed at various healthcare facilities in Maryland.

According to the document, the FBI in 2019 received information that Messrs Nwaokwu and Bangura created illegal transcripts and certificates through a privately-owned nursing school (Nursing School 1) in northern Virginia.

“From August 8, 2008 to June 30, 2013, Nursing School 1 was a nursing school in Virginia until it was shut down for violating certain state regulations by the Virginia Board.

“After that time, Nwaokwu and Bangura continued to illegitimately operate Nursing School 1 as a place where people could go to simply purchase illegitimate LPN transcripts and certifications that are backdated to June 30, 2013,” the 35-page document stated.


It said that “each transcript purports that the student completed 1,700 hours of nursing education before graduating from Nursing School 1.

The document also detailed that the Nursing School 1 students paid between $6,000 and $18,000 for the transcripts and certificates.

In 2020, two separate FBI undercover operations obtained the fraudulent degrees and approximately 175 of Nwaokwu’s nursing graduates have applied to the Maryland Board of Nursing.

The arrest of Mr Nwaokwu and his cohort yet again swells the ranks of Nigerians currently in the net of FBI for various corruption cases.

Former Ogun governor’s aide Bidemi Rufai, Instagram sensation Abbas Rahmon a.k.a Hushpuppi and celebrated business executive Obinwanne Okeke are notable Nigerians currently indicted for massive Internet fraud in America.

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43 thoughts on “Trending: FBI arrests top Nigerian Doctor, Patrick Nwaokwu for training quacks as nurses in USA”

  1. He thought he is still in Nigeria where doctors raise quacks as nurses and goes Scott free.
    A consultant in Nigeria will open a hospital and be working with quack nurses with pride.

    1. Olukemi olabosipo Lawal

      Is what the Nigeria govt and the Nigeria doctors doing to the Noble profession bcos they enjoy wasting innocent life without concise.

    2. Exactly.
      Spoiling other peoples professions and hoping theirs with ego and pride. God Almighty will continue to arrest you all one by one. Wicked souls

      1. It’s not their fault, nurses support them in doing what they do. The registered ones join them and take pride in training the so-called quacks.

    3. It’s not just doctors that are degrading the profession. There are trained and registered nurses who are guilty of the same practice. They operate patent medicine stores where they treat patients and gladly and proudly train their apprentices to give injections.
      Its a shame! Because no doctor will train even a graduate to see patients on his/ her behalf.

  2. If this can be done in Nigeria, our health facilities will be a good one but the reverse is the case. They should bear the consequences of their action. This is killing in disguise

  3. They would never learn. Folks like you destroyed Nursing and her image in Nigeria… Pls face the damn Consequences

  4. This is very sad. Seeing hospitals and doctors employ quacks is very disgusting tbh. I wish I lived in a county where legal actions are taken against these type of doctors.

  5. Sad to learn that Nigerian Drs have exported their greed and quest to destroy other health professionals abroad.They deserve more than jail terms because that is a willful act to commit
    Murder.God help us as we hope Nigeria will learn from this and take appropriate measures against them.

  6. This is a victory for nurses and nursing profession. Other countries should learn from the U.S in order to bring an end to this menace.

  7. Nurse Chinagorom

    I wish other agencies in Nigeria will emulate this to flush out quakary from nursing profession. Most private hospitals use them with our uniforms

  8. Nyango Gwong John

    Those people bearing those names are always either in good fate or bad. They still think is like Nigeria,they call it hustling,I trust the law over there they can’t bribe their ways out.

  9. Nurse osagie faith

    He thought it’s nigeria. Where he will train quacks and no body cares. .. now face reality. He thought he can destroy nursing profession abroad the way they are doing in nigeria.

  10. Deal with him very well because they have succeeded in destroying nursing image in Nigeria with there quacks. All those doctors running and leaving Nigeria if you like go and treat nurses the way you do here in Nigeria na jail you go fine yourself or they Depot you.

  11. This is a very good thing, they will dance to the music,useless people who take pride in destroying other profession, they thought they were still in Nigeria

  12. Good for them after spoiling nursing profession in Nigeria,their greediness still push them go U.S.A and I trust the law makers there,they will show them pepper.(Wicked people)

    1. Nur. Nwachukwu Sabastine

      Nur. Nwachukwu Sabastine how I wished that those criminals that brings shame to our noble profession will be jailed forever

  13. Serves him right. Let him be used as a scapegoat for others like him that derive pleasure in destroying nursing profession. Greedy set of people, God purnish you all

  14. The government & NMCN should follow this example. We need to flush out the quacks in Nursing profession in Nigeria if we want meaningful developement in the health sector

  15. Glad the trio murderers are caught. Producing untrained nurses by selling them certificates without the appropriate education is like murder. Nursing is a noble profession that cares for the lives of humans especially if you work in the hospitals and with patients. Glad the 3 bastards and good for nothing greedy idiots are caught. I pray and hope they rot and die in jail. Hopefully this will be a warning and stop others who are like them.

    1. I hope that truly the nursing profession is still noble. Pretend to be a patient with serious need for nursing care on the ward and you will understand the reality.

      1. This is outrageous,for what some doctors do for money, aiding people who are not trained formally in a nursing school, giving fake transcripts and diplomas to work in hospitals and care for unsuspecting patients as trained nurses. OMG, this is sucidal and criminal. The wicked shall not go unpunished and no hiding place for them. These doctors think what they do in Nigeria, training fake nurses with no punitive measures against the act can also be done outside the country has backfired. They will pay definitely for their greed for money. They think they can bring down nursing noble profession anywhere. They will rot in prison and be stripped of their license and the false wealth they acquired.
        As many doctors who are in the business of raising fake nurses should take heed lest they fall. Stop looking for cheap labor to maximize profit and jeopardize the health of your clients, you have thrown your ethics to the wind. NMA(Nigeria Medical Association) is not interested in practice ethics of their doctors but rather pay more attention on carrying out frequent industrial actions for salary increase and to usurp key health positions in the country. Some of them abandon their jobs in government hospitals to pursue private practice at the expense of their patients. You can’t serve two masters at the same time. But nobody checks this act, the government hospitals are loosing lives and revenue because of negligence as a result of the greed for money by these group of doctors.
        For your information, only Government approved Universities and Nursing Schools are licensed to train Registered Nurses just as only Government approved Universities are qualified to also train medical students to become doctors. So the persons you doctors train are not nurses and shouldn’t be addressed as nurses or dress as nurses, it’s impersonation. I wonder the type of certificate you issue to them. You are breeding fake nurses for crying out loud. Why don’t you also take a group of people and begin to train them in your private hospitals as doctors and use them only in your private hospitals if you can.
        I charge Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria to go round the country and fish out this quacks, flush them out of the system to uphold our Nursing profession and maintain our operating standard.
        There is no where in the world that you care for sick
        patients in hospitals by using fake & unprofessional staff, it amounts to murder, you can’t do well in an area or profession you weren’t trained in.
        I believe this is a lesson to others who are into this act to desist forthwith.

        1. This arrest is purely not NMC job to be going around arresting but should be a joint work with govt task force to make arrest like you can see it done by FBI in America which is one of the if not the highest security force is USA taking down the unscrupulous element perpetrating evils.

      2. That’s not what is being discussed. After all, some other health care professionals including doctors misbehave but no one denigrates their professions as they gladly do nursing. Let them face the music. Evil people.

  16. This is a Medical Doctor right?
    Why won’t he train/issue out Medical Certificates to people but Nursing Certificates…… This calousal and damnable….. Dead by electric shock is all he deserve.

  17. Sadus Habila Ezekiel

    God have mercy on the innocent citizens that might have fallen victims in the hands of this agents of the devil and preserve the noble profession!

  18. He thinks he is in Nigeria where nobody cares about illegal training/quackery he deserves execution rubbish?

  19. The love of money is the root of evil. They need to face the consequences of their actions . Heartless people.

  20. There is a popular school in Florida too run by Nigerians doing same work and many have been rushing there for the past years to buy transcript and diplomas and defend the board.Those nurses certificates should be revoked and those nurses should get their day in court.

  21. Am sure that in Florida being patronized by Many Africans from (Nigeria/Cameroon) maybe under surveillance already by the FBI but waiting for the right time to arrest them

  22. From an inside source”that the data base of past and present students are with the FBI,receipts of payments ,contacts of past and present students, those about to challenge the boards around the country with those diplomas should be carefully for you maybe arrested.

  23. From an inside source”receipts of payments ,contacts of past and present students, those about to challenge the boards around the country with those diplomas should be carefully for you maybe arrested.

  24. Why was only Africans running from allover to Florida?????are there no nursing schools in their states???many have still not succeeded to get the transcript,or their money back,
    Those who are buying this,destroy those fake transcript or risk being arrested.its a shame

  25. It is the culture of practice that Nigeria have accepted and imbibed that oozing out from the citizens where ever we go. What a shame to a shameless ….

  26. What is destroying every profession starts within the people in the profession. Nurses destroyed their profession first by allowing quacks, chows to do their work just because they want someone to boss around, now others are helping you destroy your profession. I know a nurse that trained a pastor to give drugs and injection, I know a nurse that uses chow’s parading the females as nurses and the males as doctors. If you want to repair you profession, start with yourself, purge the corrupt members amongst you, only then will you be able to fight outsiders. What is killing you,is within you.

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  28. Oluwadare Ogunpolu

    Oluwadare ogunpolu by name
    Infact, Nigeria is not a good country
    Alot of Nigerian in America, they are all disgrace to Nigeria

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