The national nursing leader takes a firm stance on allowances and nurses’ welfare

The NANNM President, Comrade Michael Nnachi

NANNM urged the Federal Government not to push it to the brink while meeting NARD’s requests.

The NANNM said it was not considering a strike, but asked the government to take into account its members as it worked to appease NARD strikers.

Comrade Michael Nnachi, the president of NANNM, said this on Sunday when chatting with one of our journalists about the association’s demand for hazard allowances.

Comrade Nnachi said that the subject of hazard allowances had been political, and that nurses earned the greatest pay in the health sector since they were exposed to the most dangers.

“This subject of hazard has been politicized,” he said.


What I mean is that nurses are exposed to a lot of dangers. Is it a result of illness exposure? Is it the  case of kidnapping? which is nearly every day of the week.

“They (resident physicians) are now on strike. I know we’ve been talking about it (the hazard allowance) through the office of the honorable minister, who has been working tirelessly. On that subject, he is quite concerned.

“All of these difficulties would have been resolved by now if it hadn’t been for the NARD strike.

“If NARD is given preferential treatment and nothing is considered for us, I pray that they (the government) do not force us to go on strike because you and I both know what happens if nurses go on strike for one day.”

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