Zambia’s Best Nursing Universities

There are many universities offering a bachelor’s degree in nursing in Zambia. Here is a list of universities in larger cities of Zambia:

No.Best Nursing Schools in ZambiaCitySector
1University of ZambiaLusakaPublic
2University of LusakaLusakaPrivate
3Mulungushi UniversityKabwePublic
4Texila American UniversityLusakaPrivate
5Cavendish UniversityLusakaPrivate
6Rusangu UniversityMonzaPrivate
7Lusaka Apex Medical UniversityLusakaPrivate
8Northrise UniversityNdolaPrivate
9Catholic UniversityKalulushiPrivate
10Livingstone International UniversityLusakaPrivate
11Chreso UniversityLusakaPrivate
12Copperstone UniversityKitwePrivate
List of institutions offering nursing in zambia

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How to Choose Between the Best Nursing Schools in Zambia

Among the listed universities offering degree in nursing in Zambia, you can choose one that suits your requirement. However, there are certain things you need to consider before enrolling in a bachelor of science in nursing. The following are a few qualities of the best nursing schools in Zambia that you need to ensure before joining a nursing course.

  • Approval and Accreditation – Ensure whether the university is approved and accredited.
  • Curriculum Standards – Confirm whether the schools follow a standard curriculum.
  • Infrastructure and Lab Facilities – Check whether they have proper infrastructure and lab facilities to offer you the quality education and necessary training to learn nursing skills efficiently.
  • Qualified Faculty–Make sure whether the university has qualified faculty.
  • Pass Rates – Look for student pass rates of the university.
  • Rank – Get to know the rank that positions in any of the authorized body.
  • Fees– As nursing is a professional degree, the tuition fees would be high. However, you can compare the fee structure between universities offering degree in nursing in Zambia.

Besides, you should also look for a nursing degree in Zambia with flexible payment options for students to pay their tuition fees. Certain best nursing schools in Zambia like Texila American University (TAU) provide students with the option to pay their tuition fees in installments, which will lessen your burden of paying a wholesome at a stretch. Therefore, you should also consider this a key factor in choosing a school for your nursing degree in Zambia.

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