Full List Of Accredited/Approved Nursing Schools In Zambia 2021

In the midst of a deadly epidemic, young nurses in Zambia find new  opportunities to serve | by ChildFund | ChildFund International | Medium
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Are you looking for a list of nursing schools in Zambia that are accredited or approved by the government? This post is for you if you answered yes to that question. Information about accredited/approved nursing schools in Zambia will be provided.

List Of Accredited/Approved Nursing Schools In Zambia 2021

  1. Livingstone School of Nursing
  2. Mansa School of Nursing
  3. Kasama School of Nursing
  4. Chipata School of Nursing
  5. Ndola School of Nursing
  6. Mufulira School of Nursing
  7. Kitwe School of Nursing
  8. Lusaka School of Nursing
  9. Agape Nursing School Zambia
  10. Dovecote Nursing School Zambia
  11. Kabwe School of Nursing and Midwifery
  12. Chitambo School of Nursing
  13. Mukinge School of Nursing
  14. Solwezi School of Nursing
  15. Mwami School of Nursing
  16. Chilonga School of Nursing
  17. St. Luke’s School of Nursing
  18. Defence School of Nursing
  19. Chengelo College of Nursing
  20. Copperbelt Nursing Polytechnic School of Nursing
  21. Gateway to Better Living College of Nursing
  22. Makeni College School of Nursing
  23. Nkana College of Nursing
  24. The Plains of Mamre School of Nursing College
  25. Stalla Crown College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  26. Chainama College of Health Sciences
  27. Macha School of Nursing
  28. St Francis School of Nursing and Midwifery
  29. St Paulâs School of Nursing and Midwifery
  30. Kalene School of Nursing
  31. Agape College of Nursing
  32. Mukuni Trust Nursing College
  33. Nchanga School of Midwifery
  34. Roan School of Midwifery

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