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It’s not a hidden fact that Health Professionals have a huge number of Atheists amongst them, the first study of physician religious beliefs has found that 76 percent of doctors believe in God and 59 percent believe in some sort of afterlife. The survey, performed by researchers at the University and published in the July issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine, found that 90 percent of doctors in the United States attend religious services at least occasionally, compared to 81 percent of all adults. Fifty-five percent of doctors say their religious beliefs influence how they practice medicine..

The hospital wards have heard more prayers than churches.

Nursing and atheism seem to contradict each other, but  reading the thoughts of nurse atheists gave me all the answers I need.


An article by Christina Feist-Heilmeier reads below,

Of all the hundreds of nurses I have known, I have never known one who is an atheist. Just as there are no atheists in fox holes, there are no atheists in nursing.

Atheist nurses existtoo. You would know that with even minimal effort.

We know there are atheists in foxholes. There are organizations for them, like the AA International.

Read on Atheism and Nursing : StudentNurse (

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