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Mothers. When I think about my own mother and myself as a mother this is what comes to mind.

  1. A mothers love for her children is something that cannot be defined in words. A mother will do anything to care for and protect her children. A mother often lays in bed at night, reflecting on her day wondering what more she could have done.

Nurses: a nurse will protect her patients at all cost and do anything to meet their needs. Many nights we lie awake wondering…..did we do enough? how could we have done things differently? Did I make my patient feel better?

  1. When a child gets ill, suffers an injury or falls a mother will blame herself.

Nurses will carry guilt with them that is difficult to reconcile if a patient continues to suffer, experience pain or their condition declines. Post traumatic stress is real for nurses and we all have experiences that will haunt us for our entire career.

  1. A mother will make sacrifices for her children without the blink of an eye or a second thought.

Nurses: A nurse will forego coffee and meal breaks, stretch their bladders to maximum capacity, re-schedule personal and family events in order to assure the patients are care for. Nurses will travel on closed roads, through snow and ice storms because their patients need them.

  1. When a child cries or is in pain, a mother cries and is in pain.

Nurses: Sometimes you see our tears, sometime we hold them back to stay strong. Either way the tears are there, the heart is heavy and we are impacted by everything our patients experience.

  1. When a child is successful, wins or is simply happy and content a mother rejoices with that child.

Nurses: We share the joy and happiness of a patient who welcomes a new child into the world, a patient recovering from illness or surgery and a patient who ends life journey with dignity and pride.

  1. Children need affection and comfort. Mothers know when their child needs a hug, a pep talk, distraction or a little push to keep going.

Nurses: Nursing is a combination of science and art. Our art is the art of caring. Our science is the evidence that guides us. Nurses know when to hold a hand, shed a tear with a patient and push them just a little farther so the patient can see all that they can accomplish with our support.

  1. Mothers can be a little goofy. Laughter is the best medicine and each family has its own quirks and routines that help them tackle each day together.

Nurses: Nurses can be goofy, nurses need to laugh and nurses who work together are a family. I love my family.

  1. Mothers never stop being a mother.

Nurses: Being a nurse does not turn off when the shift is over. If you are a nurse, it is not a job, it is who you are.

  1. Becoming a new mother can be a challenge. Thankfully we have other mothers to help us. A mother never thinks, “Awesome, know I know everything, can anticipate every situation, stop all harm and my child will never suffer. I am perfect.”

Nurses: Being a nurse is a life long journey. Nurses support each other, draw on each other’s experience and knowledge. Each new day and each new encounter help us to learn and grow. We do not know everything, we are not perfect but just like a mother we do our best to be the best we can be.

  1. There is a lot of pride in being a mother. My heart still skips a beat when I look at the two wonderful children I brought into this world.

Nurses: To all the nurses. Take pride in the calling you have answered. Nursing is tough yet rewarding, tiring and yet energizing, ever changing and yet some things never change. Caring for people at their most vulnerable is a privilege and we are some of the precious few who have been honoured to be a part of people’s most intimate, scary, painful and joyous moments….hmmmm a Mother.

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