Ghanaian public health nurse updates UN Secretary-General on the nation’s vaccination so far


ghanaian public health nurse updates un secretary general on the nations vaccination so far

A public health nurse, Scholastica Gladys Dery has told the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres that Ghana’s vaccination program is receiving massive support and participation.

Speaking in a video conversation with Mr. Guterres, Mrs Dery attributed the success of the program so far to the intensed education before the arrival of the vaccines and since the inoculation started.

She told the UN boss, she’s very happy with the response so far.

“Acceptance is great, it is very very encouraging. There’s a lot of health education going on, Encouraging people to come for the vaccination which they are really doing.”

The Secretary-General described Scholastica as “a clear example of the heroic work of women leading the response to Covid-19”.

Scholastica, who has been working as a nurse for over 25 years agreed, noting “in fact, in my facility, women are leading the frontline health workers, and combining it with our household duties are not easy, but we are determined to do it”

António Guterres and Scholastica Gladys Dery both agreed there is the need for everyone around the world to be vaccinated so that herd immunity is achieved.  Gladys noted, that can be done with the needed support from countries which are able to assist others.

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