Increase of 240 euros per month for German nurses after a week of strikes

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At least 240 euros more by the end of the month: this agreement will cost the German Lander about 7 billion euros between now and 2021. The agreement was reached between the government and the unions at the end of a week of strikes and demonstrations throughout the country

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Over 1 million public service workers from 15 German Länder have achieved an 8% wage increase in 33 months, as predicted by the agreement reached between the government and the trade unions.

The increases will take effect retroactively from January 1st. This year a + 3.2% will be guaranteed, a further + 3.2% will be added in 2020 and a new increase of 1.4% is expected in 2021. Overall, the minimum increase will be 240 euros, of which 100 already this year. The unions had asked for a 6% increase in 12 months.

The signed agreement will concern 800 thousand employees and will then be extended to another 1.1 million. According to the trade unions’ estimates, a total of 2.3 million people will benefit from it: officials, teachers, soldiers, nurses, judges and clergymen. Union number one Ver.Di Frank Bsirske called it “the best deal in many years”.

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