Unification: Will Guarantee Competency and Revitalization, NUNSA PRESIDENT UNIJOS

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[7/2, 22:59] Nursing TV: Good Evening Nurse Yakubu, Thank You for Honouring our Invitation for this Interview Session.

[7/2, 23:06] NUNSA President Unijos: Its my pleasure to have you host me

[7/2, 23:08] Nursing TV: Let’s get started.
Can you give us a Brief Summary of the Unification between the two Student Bodies, NUNSA and NANSNM?

[7/2, 23:23] NUNSA President Unijos: The unification between NUNSA and NANSNM is an imperative process to the Nursing profession which its not an arguable fact…but it rather seem persuasive by the later student body( NANSNM).

The unification has been a matter arising for almost half a decade now. It hasn’t seen a window till date because there exist a conflict of interest, in which both parties would not benefit as deem fit when merge….so the struggle remains backward.

[7/2, 23:36] NUNSA President Unijos: The basic objectives the professional nurse is to obtain fundamental training in gross Nursing skills and procedure through accumulation of theoretical knowledge and possession of the technical know for a competent nurse profession….

This does not let out specialization in the core of the profession….this can be obtain only in the universal domain.

The goal and objectives of UGONSA is to achieve affiliation of colleges of Nurses to a university to accentuate perception and perspective of the Nurse profession…until then the struggles remains the same…..in as much as unification of the two bodies is essential to the growth of the association….the probity and rectitude of the profession needs to be maintain and uphold to deter it from collapsing to nothing….just as we can see the recent and everyday ridicule and sabotage that has been occurring to the profession

[7/2, 23:35] Nursing TV: What are the Benefits in Unifying NUNSA and NANSNM?

[7/2, 23:42] Nunsa Unijos: These would promote and protect professional hegemony and strength across the profession as all nurses would be regard as same regardless of academic qualifications and skills possess….

NB: brings us back to the professional protection graduate Nurses are trying to maintain

[7/2, 23:46] NUNSA President Unijos: Compared to our contemporaries in other professions who possess similar or equal academic training and qualifications

[7/2, 23:38] Nursing TV: It was written in a Circular released to Local Chapters that only NUNSITES can become President, Do you think this will not causes a Political Chaos from the School of Nursing Students in future?

[7/2, 23:48] NUNSA President Unijos: Very predictable it will, as any written document in a democratic setting is subject to review by vote of the majority in any council…..it is sensible to any person with even a minute element of intelligence…..

Looking at NANSNM population strength and speaking on a neutral grounds its very possible

[7/2, 23:50] Nursing TV: If Introduction of LCN comes into play, are there any Plans to merge the LCN Students too?

[7/3, 00:00] NUNSA President Unijos: You see LCN is not part of NUNSA, That is what I can comment for now

[7/3, 00:05] Nursing TV: As we Come to the End of the Interview Session what do you think can be the Possible Solution to get Nursing Students one Voice?

[7/3, 00:10] NUNSA President Unijos: Do you mean BNSc students??

[7/3, 00:11] Nursing TV: Both Association

[7/3, 00:17] NUNSA President Unijos: Affliation of the later association to the university….seems not soon enough…. reason why nobody is channelling energy to the subject matter….. but that is the only possible solution at that point all qualifications should cut accros board which would guarantee competence and professional revitalization

[7/3, 00:17] Nursing TV: Once Again
Thank you For Honouring our Invitation on this Brief Interview Session despite your tight Schedule.

[7/3, 00:18] NUNSA President Unijos: Not a problem Nursing TV.

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