Unification Process Paints Superiority-NUNSA OAU, PRESIDENT.

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[7/2, 21:12] Nursing TV: Good Evening Nurse Omosekeji, Thank You for Honouring our Invitation for this Interview Session.
[7/2, 21:21] NUNSA OAU PRESIDENT: Good evening
[7/2, 21:21] NUNSA OAU PRESIDENT: It’s my pleasure to be here
[7/2, 21:23] Nursing TV: Let’s get started.
Can you give us a Brief Summary of the Unification between the two Student Bodies?
[7/2, 21:49] NUNSA OAU PRESIDENT: The unification of the Nursing student bodies is expected to birth a single association with almost the largest student body in Nigeria, consisting of Nursing students from all schools of nursing and universities in Nigeria. It would birth a union of all nursing students in Nigeria. The main aim is peace, unity and oneness which ultimately promotes productivity and betters the face of Nursing in Nigeria.
[7/2, 21:51] Nursing TV: What are the Benefits in Unifying NUNSA and NANSNM?
[7/2, 22:08] NUNSA OAU PRESIDENT: There is a whole lot of benefits that would come with the unification if it can be sanely achieved and at the appropriate time. I will just state a few important ones.
One is the power of population. Nursing students body will become one of the largest student bodies in Nigeria. With this, we can easily lay a demand on some things pertaining to pressing issues in Nursing and get answers.
With one voice after unification, we can birth a lot of desired changes in the Nursing profession in Nigeria.
Our National body will become very powerful and can leverage on the population of students to get their goals met.
It would help our leaders recognize us better. It would be difficult for them to ignore our demands but we’ll get the necessary justification.
It would promote peace, increase effectiveness and prevent misrepresentation of the Nursing profession.
These and lots more are what we stand to gain.
[7/2, 22:10] Nursing TV: It was written in a Circular released to Local Chapters that only NUNSITES can become President, Do you think this will not causes a Political Chaos from the School of Nursing Students in future?
[7/2, 22:42] NUNSA OAU PRESIDENT: There’s no way that won’t cause issues later on. That plan paints superiority which is against the fairness that we plan to achieve.
There would definitely be conflicts in leadership.
Considering the fact that school of Nursing students greatly outnumbers university students, and also the fact that envy exist between the two bodies of students. A lot of politics can be played with their number and the said plan that can bring about massive disaster.
[7/2, 22:44] Nursing TV: If Introduction of LCN comes into play, are there any Plans to merge the LCN Students too?
[7/2, 22:49] NUNSA OAU PRESIDENT: This will be a bigger problem. All hands should be on deck to ensure it doesn’t happen.
[7/2, 22:50] Nursing TV: Can the Merger help in Moving School of Nursing to University?
[7/2, 22:54] NUNSA OAU PRESIDENT: Actually, that is one of the points presented as benefits or main aim of unification. But the truth is, moving school of Nursing to University is not the duty of the association. So, I don’t think the merger can make that happen.
[7/2, 22:58] Nursing TV: As we Come to the End of the Interview Session what do you think can be the Possible Solution to get Nursing Students one Voice?
[7/2, 23:03] NUNSA OAU PRESIDENT: It would help if the reason behind Nursing is reemphasized for all students of Nursing to fully understand.
Even the Holy Bible says, where there is no vision, people lack restraint and self-control.
Let all students of Nursing understand the importance of the Nursing profession as a ministry. It will birth a great deal of change that is needed.
[7/2, 23:04] Nursing TV: Once Again
Thank you For Honouring our Invitation on this Brief Interview Session despite your tight Schedule.
[7/2, 23:07] NUNSA OAU PRESIDENT: The pleasure is mine. Thank you very much.

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