UNIFICATION: “It’s not a Selfish Ambition,National President NUNSA .

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Nursing TV:Let’s get started.

NUNSA National President: My Name is Comrade Israel Fawole and Country Representative for ANNSI, The National President for NUNSA, Thank you so much

Nursing TV: Can you give us a Brief Summary of the Unification between the two Student Bodies?

NUNSA National President: The Unification process came up during our National Executive Council meeting in 2019 at LAUTECH Osogbo, where the NANSNM Executives came as guest, it was Unification process was brought up at the National Executive council meeting, because of the long list of Agenda, We could not Entertain the suggestion, but Conversations were undertone, The process is not an agenda my Adminstration brought up, it started as far back as 1994, I remember the NUNSA President then Captain Kehinde Elujoba, who tried doing it, but his Efforts was frustrated, then it came up again in 2015, Where Concluded Elections halted it from the two sides.
When we went to Ebonyi in August for NANSNM Convention, it came up as as point of discuss again, former Registrar of the Council was there, Myself, The Senate President in Person of Comrade Moses and Two other Executives were present,After Discussing Extensively, We decided to accept and Communicate the Progressive and Ground-Breaking Milestone to our Constituency in NUNSA, When it was time for NANSNM Election, We NUNSA Executives, Myself, the Senate President Comrade Moses and the Vice President had to address them that they should suspend their Election, that we are going to make sure the Innovation work out, We sent a Memorandum to this Effect, We Set up a 14 Man Committee, which 8 were Past NUNSA Executives and Senators who have Graduated, the Senate President was part of the Committee, at Least we believe that they have experience to understand the Importance with their wealth of experience.
That is the Brief Summary

Nursing TV: What are the Benefits in Unifying NUNSA and NANSNM?

NUNSA National President: Needless to say much, there are lot of benefits there,I will say a few things which was not written in the Open letter, Nursing is a Profession that has being Marginalized over the decades because of the Female Domination, The marginalization is not because of Female Dominance but lack of Strong Political Will, Fortunately for us Nursing for us in the Healthcare Sector, We have the Largest Population, And they say Politics is a Game of Number, The Unification will help us join or Strong Political Will,with that of NANNM to demand anything from the Government will be a Huge Possiblity, that is one of the benefit I did not mention in the open letter, Because of our time Interviewer, I will refer you to the letter, it is clearly Stated there

Nursing TV: It was written in a Circular released to Local Chapters that only NUNSITES can become President, Do you think this will not causes a Political Chaos from the School of Nursing Students in future?

NUNSA National President: Every Founding Organization have it’s Rule and Regulations and there is a Corresponding Constitution, There was a Mutual Agreement at Ebonyi, In fact, it was NANSNM that drew the Structure, I guess the NANSNM System was employed, such that University Students have the highest Rank and Recognition, it Became a Mutual agreement after the Motion was moved and Adopted. The Unification will give birth to an Association that will be founded with rigid Constitution.

Nursing TV: There are several allegations that you’re running this Race in your Selfish Interest, What do you have to say?

NUNSA National President: How is that Possible, you Read the letter and you know my Stand and Position, I am sure you will understand with me that it is not a Selfish Ambition, We agreed in Ebonyi altogether, What made the Senate President Suddenly turn back, He said that the National President for NANSNM offended him, and Because of that he will make sure he cries and the Whole of NANSNM will Cry for the Sin of their President, He said the President was Rude, on what ground does this call for the termination of the Mutual Agreement that we are committed in already, I told him it cannot be done, we need Official Grounds and let us debate Objectively and look at the modalities to make it a Success.

Nursing TV: If Introduction of LCN comes into play, are there any Plans to merge the LCN Students too?

NUNSA National President: I am silent on the Issue of LCN for now, As the President of NUNSA, I am Silent on the Issue. Thank You

Nursing TV: Lastly Did any of the Association contact the Council or Nursing Department on the Unification Process?

NUNSA National President: Definitely, The Patron and Matron of Nursing across the Nation, The Nursing Council, National NANNM Executives, Federal Ministry of Health, State Ministry of Health, all NANNM state Chapter are Aware of it.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-dark-green-background-color has-background" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><strong>Nursing TV:</strong> What's your take on the Online Voting Rumored to be Organized by NEC?Nursing TV: What’s your take on the Online Voting Rumored to be Organized by NEC?

NUNSA NATIONAL PRESIDENT:This is apparently and Obviously informed by my Recent Position letter, they are trying to Oust the President because he remains assertively in Support of the Unification, However I am not Intimidated, disturbed or Perturbed, Because the whole Online Process is not founded in the Constitution,so I remain Calm, I remain Reserved, I remain unperturbed over their action.

Nursing TV: As we Come to the End of the Interview Session what do you think can be the Possible Solution to get Nursing Students one Voice?

NUNSA National President: The Possible Solutions is that we should drop our Sentiment, Ego and Pride and we should look at the Productive side and Advantages, Let Us drop what Moses and his Cohort have placed in our minds.

Nursing TV: Once Again
Thank you For Honouring our Invitation on this Brief Interview Session despite your tight Schedule.

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