UNIFICATION: Brief Interview with the National PRO, NUNSA

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[7/2, 10:02] Nursing TV: Good Morning Nurse Kareem, Thank You for Honouring our Invitation For this Interview Session.

[7/2, 10:03]NUNSA National PRO 1: Good morning, thank you for having me here.

[7/2, 10:09] Nursing TV: Let’s get started.
Can you give us a Brief Summary of the Unification between the two Student Bodies?

[7/2, 10:29] NUNSA National PRO 1: Thank you once again for having me here, to talk on a crucial subject matter concerning how this issue Unification between NUNSA and NANSNM came about.

Once again my name is Comrade Kareem Oluwagbemiga (RN, BNsc) outgoing National PRO 1 NUNSA.

[7/2, 10:35] Nursing TV: What are the Benefits in Unifying NUNSA and NANSNM?

[7/2, 10:45]NUNSA National PRO 1: The idea of Unification was initiated at Ebonyi state during the national convention of Nigeria Students Nurses And Midwives(NANSNM) shortly after NUNSA NEC meeting in LAUTECH precisely April 2019.

The Leaders of NANSNM invited the executives of NUNSA to their convention, I wasn’t there because at that time I was very busy with school workloads and also preparing for exams, so we sent delegates to attend the convention.

The National President Comrade Fawole Israel, Vice President, Senate President, Director of welfare and PRO 2 all in attendance during the convention at Ebonyi state.

Where they discussed the issue of uniting NUNSA NATIONAL BODY AND NANSNM TOGETHER.

Of course their response was that they will look into it consider the merits and demerits and present it to the general NUNSITES particularly the NEC and see their reactions.

[7/2, 10:57]NUNSA National PRO 1:


  • Unifying the population of all nursing students and midwives under the same umbrella (Association)
  • Speaking with one voice under one association.
  • For NMCN to Recognize us as one body.


  • The idea of Unification was based on mere selfish interest and the truth was hidden away from the University students because the NUNSA President wanted to impose it on the general NUNSITES.
  • Merging the two association together just to form one voice is a disaster and there are better ways to speak with one voice without creating enemity between ourselves.
  • With don’t have to merge together before we will gain recognition from NMCN

[7/2, 11:00] Nursing TV: It was written in a Circular that only NUNSITES can become President, Do you think this will not causes a Political Chaos from the School of Nursing Students in future?

[7/2, 11:04]NUNSA National PRO 1: It will definitely be Chaos in future.

According to the propose constitution for the merger, only a university student can be the President and the vice President from school of nursing as well but in a situation where the Senate President must come from school of nursing and majority of the Senate chamber will be from SON will definitely lead to a disaster.

We may wake up one day, and see that the President has been impeached and the vice to be the acting President who is from a school of nursing.

[7/2, 11:11]NUNSA National PRO 1: They are more populated than us and in the nearest future they may be the one dictating for our dear association.

Though, we the university Students are not afraid of their population but this is Nigeria anything can happen.

We should not make the mistake Lord Frederick Lugard made by amalgamating the northern and the southern protectorate in the year 1914 because doing that will be our biggest mistake of the general NUNSITES and I don’t want to be part of it

[7/2, 11:13] Nursing TV: If the Introduction of LCN come into play, are there Plans to merge the LCN Students too?

[7/2, 11:15]NUNSA National PRO 1: Definitely we won’t and the plan of merger will not work as well.

[7/2, 11:18] Nursing TV: Can the Merger help in Moving School of Nursing to University?

[7/2, 11:26]NUNSA National PRO 1: Honestly I don’t think so, moving School of nursing to university is not the duty of the association.

We have council regulatory body, they are the one they should meet. We the University students on the other hand have our own pains ☹️. We should also learn how to meet the authorities to solve our problems not to merge associations that will further create more problems for us.

[7/2, 11:28] Nursing TV: Lastly Did any of the Association contact the Council or Nursing Department on the Unification Process?

[7/2, 11:38]NUNSA National PRO 1: Nothing like that, Fawole just made decisions of his own though he had claims that he met with some leaders but there are no standard evidence or communique as regards to that to the general NUNSITES

[7/2, 11:41] Nursing TV: As we Come to the End of the Interview Session what do you think can be the Possible Solution to get Nursing Students one Voice?

[7/2, 12:01]NUNSA National PRO 1: Though as we all know Nursing Profession is a caring Profession and in this Profession we learn to obey and do what is expected of us to do.

And in time where needs arises and they want the General Nursing students or student no nurse to voice out, they should notify us officially on that and we will gather together to map out a solution to that suit our problems using different platforms.

[7/2, 12:03] Nursing TV: Once Again
Thank you For Honouring our Invitation for this Brief Interview Session despite your tight Schedule.

[7/2, 12:06]NUNSA National PRO 1: You’re Welcome

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  1. Thank you for your time but sir,how sure are with this your response on uniting the two associations together,I have interest in this Mr PRO, I will like to know much about this issue of unification

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