Hello, everyone.
It’s being an awesome time.
Here with me is the Face of Nursing Media Network and Everyone would love to Know more about her.

Interviewer: Good evening. Thank you very much for joining us on the series. 🤗
Nr. Johnson:Pleasure is all mine…

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Nr. Johnson: My name is Johnson Miracle Nkeiruka, A 300L Nursing student of University of Port Harcourt. I’m 21
Interviewer: How would your colleagues describe you?
Nr. Johnson: Actually an extrovert… I think they would describe me as a friendly, social, accommodating and even annoying at times…
Interviewer: What was your reaction when you Won the Contest?
Nr. Johnson: Was overwhelmed really… I didn’t expect it, though I worked really hard for it… Was speechless.
Interviewer: Apart from Nursing do you have any other thing you do?
Nr Johnson: Nah… Used to be part of an modeling agency, but I stopped because of my academics
I just do ushering jobs now.
Interviewer: How do you handle the stress?
Nr. Johnson: I start a conversation with people around me to get my mind off it… Sleep and music.
Interviewer: Can you share your experience in Nursing School?
Nr. Johnson: Uhmmm, it’s been quite stressful and hectic. Seeing blood, people with one sickness or the other, having to read extra… But it’s all about saving lives and it’s something I’m determined to do, so I just see the stress as part of my training.
Interviewer: We would like to express our sincere gratitude for letting us interview you today and for giving us a bit of your time despite your busy schedule.
Nr. Johnson: Same here

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