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Nursing TV popularly known as Nursing media network is an organization that has launched a full scale, orchestrated social media campaign designed to build awareness and solid representation for the nursing community.

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Happenings around the World.

Letter addressing denial Nursing Specialization by Federal Ministry of Health

Nursing Specialization: Nigeria Medical Association Remains Mum, FMOH Sends Warning Against Rivalry [Picture]

The complaint was addressed by FMOH with Ref number C.2920/S.4/T6/51 to all chief medical directors and medical doctors, the letter contains some vital details about the denial about Nursing Specialization.

person holding a mug

Eating alkaline foods will not kill the coronavirus, COVID-19 experts warns

A false post circulating on social media claims that COVID-19 has a pH level between 5.5 to 8.5, and in order to fend off the virus people must consume alkaline foods.


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